Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hotel du Vin

The other week, my housemate Justine and I decided that we were going to celebrate having lived together for a year now, and treat ourselves to a fancy-shmancy meal out at Hotel du Vin (situated on Ship Street, Brighton). 

We rocked up not really knowing what to expect, as neither of us had been before. And this is what we found...

We both went for the Sunday lunch, and pored over the menu whilst enjoying a glass of kir royale.

Lunch started with a modest celeriac soup. It was fine. Nice. Meh. I make better soups.

Then came the French market themed buffet. This is where it got good. Really, really good. There were fresh breads, meaty prawns, smoked salmon, cooked salmon, oysters, crab, charcuterie, pates and foie gras. Fois gras! On a buffet that you could help yourself to! Win. I was beyond impressed. Everything was delicious - fresh, and full of flavour. It was hard to imagine that our main courses were yet to come...

Soon (it would have been nice if they hadn't come quite so soon!) our main dishes arrived. Justine went for the roast beef, while I was drawn to my favourite - as usual, a big, beefy burger, piled high with bacon and gruyere cheese. It also came with a very cute mini saucepan on the board, which was full of what I can only describe as "fancy burger sauce". Because it was essentially burger sauce. In a mini saucepan. Ergo, fancy. It was delicious!

Dessert came next. It was difficult choosing what to have. Mainly because we were so full at this point that it felt a little bit wrong to be ordering any more... in the end, Justine decided on profiteroles, and I went for the creme brûlée. 

It was rather good.

We left full to bursting, and happily agreeing that we would be back. It's a great spot for a long, leisurely lunch (although the service did feel slightly rushed at times) at the weekend; a large, well-lit room full of bustle and chatter, and right by the sea front.

Thumbs up, Hotel du Vin, and hats off to the chef.

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