Friday, 31 January 2014

Ice Skating with Holly

I can write a post again!!! This past week, my computer has been broken. After much to-ing and fro-ing, grr-ing and RAR-ing, I finally have it back! Not impressed with Apple in the least. But that's a different story...

So, now I have a few adventures to catch up on!

The first one is ice skating with Holly! We went the other weekend to the ice rink in Brighton by the Pavilion, and it was great! We did it last year too, and both agree it should stick around for longer over the winter period. It's a fun way to exercise, with music playing all around you, and a beautiful backdrop of the majestic Pavilion with it's glowing lights behind you. Even better if it's snowing, to complete the picture! :o)

After an enjoyable hour of perfect pirouettes, jumps and twirls (ahem...) we headed to the bar for drinks, settled in to watch the next session's skaters, and chatted over mulled wine (Holly) and a cup of tea (me. Stupid Dry January).

I love the Pavilion at night. So pretty with all it's changing colours!

It's a shame the rink has closed for winter now, but we'll be back next year I hope for our little yearly tradition :o)

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