Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Sussex Yeoman - best pub roast in Brighton?

Last Sunday, Justine, Ellie and I headed to The Sussex Yeoman for a roast. Apparently, they're in the Top 5 of Brighton's Best Roasts. It seems that word has got around - in the past we've not been able to get a table on the day, so this time, we made sure to book in advance!

It's really nice inside. Small, colourful, with a cheerful, airy, busy atmosphere. And the roasts were really, really good. Justine and I went for the slow cooked pork belly, and Ellie had the lamb. All were served with crispy roasted parsnip slivers, balanced on top of a mountain of veg and roasted potatoes, with a Yorkshire on the side. The show stealer was by far the gravy. Red wine gravy, thick, rich, and delicious. I could have happily sat there spooning it. We actually did ask for more, it was that good, and the friendly bar staff were only too happy to go and get us an extra jug from the kitchen! :o) The rest was pretty damn good, too. The meat was cooked to perfection, and the potatoes (which seem hard for pubs to get right, usually. Is it just me?) were fluffy, and crispy. Mmm. 

This probably was the best pub roast I've had in Brighton so far. Bonjour, place where I will be spending more Sundays.

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