Friday, 11 April 2014

Miller & Carter - for the love of steak!

The other day, one of my besties suggested taking a trip to our nearest Miller & Carter steakhouse. I'd never heard of this steakhouse before. But I figured... anything that describes beef as it's labour of love, couldn't be a bad place to visit. So we hit the road, Jack. And didn't turn back.

Mmm, steak. 

It felt almost a bit like a bachelor pad inside... a bachelor pad with a few fairylights thrown in for good measure. I liked it. Eau de steak wafted through the restaurant - the new manly scent that will be available in stores near you, soon. It'll get your tums-a-rumblin'!

This is Liz. Aforementioned bestie. Liz and I have known each other since we were about five. And every time we see each other, we turn back into five year olds! Five year olds who drink wine, that is. But man, if you're looking for good Disney times and uncontrollable giggles for an entire evening, then look no further! :o) I'll have to whip out the camera next time our third Muskateer is around next time, too, and introduce Jordan to the ol' blog! But anyway. Back to M&C...

... for starters, I went for the Black Pearl Scallops (served with mango, chilli, coriander salsa, and crispy pancetta), and Liz plumped for the Duo of Duck Parfait (slow-cooked shredded duck, duck liver parfait, spiced date and pear chutney, and toasted ciabatta bread). To be completely honest... I wasn't entirely bowled over by the scallops. Scallops are my favourite, but for me they just didn't go with the mango. Which I totally thought they would! DOMMAGE. Liz loved her parfait, though! And at least the scallop dish looked pretty.

For mains we both went for the rump steak. I usually like my steak moo-ing just a little bit, but our lovely, very friendly and helpful waitress advised us that with rump, it's usually better to get it cooked medium, as it's quite a marbled cut, and the fat inside wouldn't melt enough if it was cooked rare. Who knew! The steaks were served with a sauce of our choice (peppercorn...), seasoned fries, an iceberg lettuce wedge with a dressing of our choice (Stilton and blue cheese...), and a slice of M&C's famous onion loaf. Now, Liz had told me about this load before we went. And I have to say, she didn't do it justice. It was essentially a huge, delicious onion bhaji, on the side of a big ol' steak. I wouldn't have ever really thought to pair an onion bhaji with a steak, but MY GOD IT'S GOOD. 

Dessert was a sordid affair. We couldn't quite decide what to go for, so... we kind of went for everything. The Indulgent Tasting Plate was as sweet as it sounds - a melange of white chocolate and pistachio iced parfait, rich chocolate brownie, sticky toffee pudding, and vanilla bean ice cream. Hummm... well, the brownie could have been richer, and gooier, that's for sure (yes, gooier is a word...). The pistachio iced parfait, though, was A-mazing. Capital A. The platter wasn't a bad way to end the meal by any means, no sirree. 

For bookings and to find your nearest steakhouse, just click here.

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