Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A Linner Date with Laura - Bistrot Pierre

So Laura and I did manage to (reluctantly) tear ourselves away from the kittens at the weekend, and headed for an old favourite of ours, Bistrot Pierre, for a delicious French linner! You remember linner - lunch / dinner... linner. Yeah.

Bistrot Pierre is a chain that offers delightful, and affordable, French dishes. The branch in Nottingham was the first to open it's doors in 1994, and used to be a bank. Apparently, they still use the old bank vaults as dry stores in the kitchen! The restaurant has everything you'd expect from a bistrot - exposed brick walls lined with fine wines, French art, a simple, yet tempting, menu, and a nice relaxed ambience.  

Both Laura and I plumped for the Fritôts de calamars for starters (crispy fried squid with roasted garlic mayonnaise), which was followed by Steak-Frites with a Roquefort butter sauce, and the Burger Maison, served with aged Gruyère and baby gem.

As you can probably tell from my face of pure delight, and Laura's look of concentration, the food was deeee-licious.

We headed home sleepy and full from a very enjoyable meal, lots of shopping, far too much fresh bread and wine, and Shakeaway milkshakes, to find Swanson and Piper ready and waiting to play :o) 

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