Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Taste of Sahara

I love a good kebab. What's not to love? Meat, mmm. Fresh salad, mmm. Fresh houmous, mmm. I went to a great little Turkish restaurant for the first time a few months ago with some work friends and loved it, so the other week, when Sarah stumbled across Sahara (a Lebanese, North African and Middle Eastern restaurant in Brighton) with it's plethora of Arabic cuisine (which is apparently mainly influenced by Turkish food), I jumped at the idea!

You can find the menu here.

We went for Katie's birthday, who was visiting for the weekend (happy birthday Katie!) None of us had been before, so with an air of anticipation, a group of us trooped across town to embark on our Sahara adventure...! (I've just noticed how similar Sarah's name is to Sahara. Sarah loves Sahara. Sarah loves Sahara. Sarah loves Sahara. Type that 10 times fast).

Inside was beautiful! Moroccan tin lanterns, draping silk curtains, heavy wood and rich colours... it looked really authentic, and a little bit like Aladdin's cave! We excitedly took our seats in a little circular cove hidden away in the corner, and poured our own drinks (you can take your own) while we studied the menu.

Jade and Sarah were loving the decor. Look at Jade caressing that carpet! :o)

Finally, we were ready to feast! The table was soon heavy under the weight of Saltan's Mixed Kebabs (Shish, Tawouk, and Kofta kebabs), Lamb Tagines, and a big vegetarian platter.

I am SO glad Dry January is behind us...

After rich, heavy meals all round, there was only one logical next move. Dessert.

Vanilla and Toffee Pecan Honey Pot for Lucy, a Lemon Meringue cake for Annie, and Baklava for me and Sam (if you haven't tried it... do).

It was such a nice evening! The food was just what you want in the winter: rich, filling, and delicious; the service was friendly and welcoming; and the atmosphere was great too! You might actually easily walk past this place from the outside, which would be a shame - I loved how much effort had gone in to the decoration inside, and how authentic it felt! :o) Clearly a few others shared the same view...

Happy birthday Katie, hope you enjoyed the evening as much as I did, and sorry it's taken so long to get the pictures up! :o)

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