Sunday, 16 February 2014

Three Sisters in Stormy Sussex

So this is kind of old news now. But the West Pier has a broken leg :o( 

It's ok, really - I actually think it makes it sort of... more individual? Yeah. More individual. It's the imperfections people really fall in love with, anyway :o) I think I read somewhere that there was talk of knocking the poor old West Pier down though, which I would personally be rather upset about! This thing is a landmark of Brighton; it was built in 1866, collapsed in 2002, and went up in flames in 2003. After that battering it's a wonder there's anything left at all, but god damn, she is still beautiful and haunting in her own right! 

Me, Sarah and Big Sis took a little trip to the seafront t'other day. I took my camera. I got a little snap-happy. So I do apologise in advance... but look at these! :o)

Look at those crashing waves!

The wind was so fierce that the sea foam was being blown up the beach - I've never seen that before. It looked like somebody had poured some bath bubbles over the pebbles! 

Just beautiful...

 After a somewhat BRISK walk (!) it was time to head home. We'd kind of worked up an appetite after fighting off the wind, so treated ourselves to a home made platter with some fresh ingredients from the market: sweet garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, the plumpest, most delicious olives I've probably ever had, homemade pesto, and a big, beasty baked Camembert. Mmm... a very satisfying winter warmer, indeed.

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