Sunday, 6 April 2014

Swanson and Piper

The other week, I packed my bags and headed to Nottingham to see my bestie, Laura. Laura's just moved house, so I was looking forward to checking out her new place. She also has some new precious little additions in her life, who I was ridiculously excited to meet! Ohhh, the little pitter-patter of tiny feet... :o) 

Swanson and Piper are two beautiful little Egyptian Mau / Siberian cross kitties, brother and sister, that have stolen my heart. These two adorable little munchkins are the friendliest, most energetic balls of fluff I've ever met! I spent the weekend gleefully watching them tussle with each other (play out scenes from The Lion King...) stalk and hunt their favourite toys, and stick their nosy little faces in all the glasses, cups and buckets they could reach. Before they snuggled up to us for their naps, purring fiercely, and melting my heart. I'm in love. 

Swanson's the little boy...

...and Piper the little girl. Nice to meet you!

 Watching TV with Mama...

Between kitten-perving, Laura and I managed to tear ourselves away briefly to make a few (a lot of) nachos for dinner - which the kittens tried stealing, several times! They are the greediest little mites. I think they think they're dogs. Greedy, adventurous dogs.

Sneaky little kitty...

 "Excuse me, but I'm on a deadline".

 Swanson doesn't look overly impressed here... I think I was disturbing his nap time on my lap. 

Too cute! I'm desperate to get some! Sorry for all the photos - I couldn't stop snapping away!

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  1. Aw they're so cute!!! I particularly like the fact that they lick crumpets. Great photos! Xx


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