Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Sights of Brighton Sunshine - and Metrodeco

I think I've come to the conclusion that there's little else I love more at the moment, than wandering around Brighton in the sunshine at the weekend. Leisurely strolls, plenty of photos (and lots of cake...) is where it's AT. Today has been misty and grey, and I want the sun back by tomorrow please!

Last weekend Tora and I went for another of our little jollies, taking in the sights of Brighton Sunshine (yes, that's something in it's own entity... different to other kinds of sunshine...), before heading to Metrodeco, a chintzy 1930s tea salon, to stuff our faces with cake. Again. 

Disclaimer: if you're the type that gets bored of lots of pictures of baked goods and sunny blue skies (get out) ... then look away now. 

Metrodeco has a kind of gaudy, leopard-print sofa glamour, with pieces of their furniture actually for sale, too. It's fun for lots of photos, and I've found you can almost always guarantee a few poodles sniffing about, which can be pretty entertaining! Their cakes are made off-site and brought in by two bakers, and they have some delicious flavours - I plumped for the rich chocolate and banana cake with chocolate ganache, and Tora went for the gluten-free version. There were also options like pistachio, blueberry and lavender, and chocolate beetroot - mmm! Which can all be washed down with one of their bespoke blended loose leaf teas.

Tums fed, we decided to walk off our little snack, and headed towards the beach.

This is Tora's concentrating face... She's working on it.


And concentrating a little more...

Another lovely day :o) I really hope this isn't just the calm before the storm, and we suddenly get snow or something silly. It'll be BBQs on the beach before we know it :o)

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