Thursday, 20 March 2014

Street Diner - The Street Food Revolution

WAIT!! If you're going to be waking up in Brighton tomorrow morning, and are just about to make your lunch to take in to work... PUT THAT SLICE OF BREAD DOWN!!

Tomorrow is Friday. And what has Friday meant for the past 10 months or so? Well, that's a good question. What Friday means, is that it's Street Diner day. 

Otherwise known as The Highlight of my Week... 

Street Diner is a weekly street food market, (Brighthelm Garden on Queens Road), where established and emerging street food traders in and around Sussex offer up a huge range of delectable goodies.

A few favourites so far include: the mouthwatering
Scotch eggs from Picnic Corner, (incredible flavours and oozy yolk inside); the traditional Venezuelan Arepa from Toston Tolon (this is just... I can't even describe it... BUY IT! Packed choc-full of flavours that compliment each other like you wouldn't believe!!); and the brownies from Honeycomb Cakes. Last week I abandoned myself to a Hazel Nutella Cheesecake Brownie. And if you're thinking that those three amazing desserts combined in one sound like they might just be one slice of gooey, gluttonous heaven... then you'd be right.  


And how could I forget Olly the Chef with his scrumptious Fish Dawwwgs (Fish Dog: that's a piece of fresh, succulent, panko crusted fish with smoked garlic and coriander aioli and harissa to you and me), and the lovely Abycina with her fresh, vegan, Ethiopian spiced curries - we are seriously spoilt for choice at this place.

Look at this HUNK of a brownie! Couldn't you just marry it?

Street Diner launched in April 2013, and I'm hoping will be around for a looong while to come. Make the effort. Go. You won't regret it. See ya there, y'all! :o)

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  1. That paella looks delicious. Followed by a brownie maybe... Wish I could be there!


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