Monday, 17 March 2014

Twisted Lemon

Monday morning. It's kinda hard to get excited about a Monday morning when the weekend's been so full of sun and fun - it's been one of those ones that's felt blissfully long, in a really good way. This one started off the way most weekends should - delicious caaacktails with the girls! 

It's quite hard finding some quality cocktails at a reasonable price on a Friday night in Brighton... 

Enter, Twisted Lemon.

Twisted Lemon is a small, cosy cocktail bar tucked away behind a narrow, twisted, yellow alleyway, near The Lanes. Apparently, it was once a fisherman's cottage (circa 500 years ago) - now, it boasts a generous cocktail menu, food, and some real friendly staff.

Sarah, Justine, Sam and I settled in with our Caipirinhas, Cosmopolitans, and Brambles, and enjoooyed. I can highly recommend the Banoffee Pie Martini, too - dessert in a glass (and if you're nice, the guys and gals at the bar sometimes let you put your own cream on top. Mmm.)

Cheers! Drinks are always delicious at Twisted Lemon. They actually take their time over each one, use lots of fresh lemon juice, and you can choose whether you want to pull up a seat at the bar and chat, sit at a bigger table further in to the room, or brave the outdoors in the cute little courtyards they have both out front and back. It's a lovely, laid back atmosphere too - a little bit quirky, and unpretentious. 

I think yellow's a happy colour. I also know cocktails make you happy. Therefore, this little yellow cocktail bar ranks pretty high on my list of favourites. 


For address and more info, visit Twisted Lemon's Facebook page here.

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