Saturday, 22 February 2014

Koba & Dos Sombreros

Last weekend, Sarah, Justine and I dressed all in black, and painted the town red. And sat in a bar with a purple wall. It was the cute cafe, bar and bistro restaurant Koba (enquiries and bookings here). I love the cocktails at Koba - the Caipirinhas and Espresso Martinis are goooooood. I also like their purple and crumbly brick wall.

After sipping one cocktail too many (too many?! Not enough. One cocktail not enough), we decided to head out in search of dinner. Mexican was on our minds - we'd heard of a lovely little place called La Choza we wanted to try, so skipped across to the other side of town ready to fill our tums. Unfortunately, La Choza doesn't take bookings, and was full. Boo. I guess that's just how good it is. I've made a mental note to go there soon though, so am pretty excited to see what all the hype is about and hopefully get lots of photos of some amazing food.
Anyway, Saturday - with La Choza full, we wracked our brains for another Mexican restaurant... and then I suddenly remembered a place my friend had been to just the other week - Dos Sombreros!

Dos Sombreros was pretty full when we got there too, but with a wait of only 15 minutes promised, we decided to sit in their bar upstairs first and treat ourselves to some more cocktails (why not?) It was frozen Margaritas all round for Sarah and Justine - I actually didn't think I liked frozen Margaritas, but since trying theirs, have decided I definitely do! So refreshing, mmm. It was a funny set up at this place. Upstairs, the bar was really dark with loud music (we may have been dancing like loons while we were waiting for our table...), and downstairs couldn't have been more different. It's probably one of the most colourful restaurants I've ever seen, full of brilliant, tacky lanterns, fairy lights, gaudy plastic table cloths, rainbow stripy rugs, and sombreros - FIESTA!!

Finally, it was food time! I plumped for the chicken burrito, with sweet potato fries, and Sarah and Justine went for the chicken fajitas and fries too. Look at the size of this burrito!! For me though, the best part of the meal by far was the sweet potato fries. I feel like these things are everywhere now - and so they should be! Crunchy, crispy, a little bit sweet, and a little bit salty. SO. GOOD. 

This is one happy lookin' table...

And this is me, really enjoying a sweet potato fry.

Full to bursting, it was time to go - Adios, amigos! (Not for long though - we went back on Wednesday!)

The Dos Sombreros website seems to be down or something at the moment, but you can find them at 24 Ship Street, BN1 1AD.

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