Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A weekend in Suffolk

Last weekend, I packed my bags and took the train to Suffolk to visit my mum. It was a lovely trip; we were lucky with the weather, had a takeaway with some of her friends, and got to spend the day with my Godparents on the Sunday. The weekend flew by - I was sad I had to leave (sad about coming back to Brighton?! Don't tell anyone, ok...?)

I also made a new friend on the Friday evening - this little Cutie McTootie, whose mum is a friend of mine, who decided to accompany us for our greasy Chinese. She was loving the camera (and took a few pictures of her own!) 
I love baby photography - kids never seem bothered or awkward at all in front of cameras, and pull the best facial expressions ever! It's always a treat when you catch one just at the right moment. Suffice to say I was entertained for the evening!

On the Sunday, Mum and I ventured to The Suffolk Food Hall, right by the Orwell Bridge. I had never been before, but Mum goes quite a lot with her friends. They happen to know one of the chefs there, Aston, so it's a bit of a favourite! When we got there, I could see why. 

Smack bang in the middle of the Suffolk countryside, the huge, spacious restaurant offers stunning views, which you can enjoy with some yummy food and drink, most of which is locally produced. I could have happily sat there for hours, looking out at the sunshine. I do enjoy a bit of countryside every now and then. It's something you don't get to see too often when you live in a busy city and don't have a car!

 Look at those tall ceilings and enormous windows! The whole place had a nice, modern feel to it.

These are my Godparents. They are probably two of the best people I know.

Soon it was food time (YAY!) I thought I'd really branch out, and went for the burger. I quite like burgers. You may or may not have noticed. Mum, Godmum and The Godfather (geddit?) went for their favourite, the Flowton Eggs Benedict with mushroom. Mmm! I especially liked the mustard mayonnaise on the burger, and the root vegetable coleslaw. The carnivore in me was a little sad the burger wasn't bloodier... but it was still delicious.

After lunch, we had a stroll around the farm shop...

 ... before heading to Jimmy's Farm up the road! (There are quite a few farms in Suffolk). I think we may have also been labelled Traitors for going to Jimmy's straight after lunch. But we got over that.
We had lots of fun meeting some of the locals, including these handsome fellas...

 So cute! Back home, little Maisie was impatiently waiting for some cuddles of her own (I think she might have sensed we were lavishing our attention on some other critters at the farm and got jealous).

It was such a nice weekend. Lucky it won't be long 'til I'm back! Love you Mum! 

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