Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Belle of the Ball

I've nearly caught up with all my photos since getting my computer back! (Just me that's excited about that? Ok, just checking).

So! The other weekend, my sister and her husband came to visit me and Sarah while they were in Sussex for a (VERY late...) Christmas party! Yep, a Christmas party in February. Go figure.

Our big sis wanted Sarah and I to doll her up for her party in the evening, which I personally was more than happy to do! (I love playing with make up - when I was little, I was always bought the blue version of everything, and Sarah got the pink... I think I must have subconsciously rebelled at some point in my teenage years though, and turned all girly and stuff... mwuhaha) But anyway! Before the big make over, came (of course...) LUNCH!!

Now, I'd just like to say from the outset... I like the Western Front. I go a lot. It's unpretentious, has a cool, friendly, chilled vibe, and is a handy pub spot where you can enjoy a refreshing beer-drink outside on summer evenings in Brighton (I feel like most places fall under the shade really quickly here). The food is also usually pretty damn good! So, the four of us headed there for lunch on the Saturday.

I love sitting upstairs in the Western Front. You can spy on all the jumping people outside :o) 

We settled in quickly with our drinks and menus, and after roughly 19 seconds, I decided I was going to try (guess what...) the cheese and bacon burger. With onion rings. Yeah. Served on a chopping board. YEAH. Big sis went for a bowl of handsome looking salad, hubby plumped for a classic fish and chips, and Sarah decided on the vege burger. Which is kind of where it went wrong. My burger was good. Alright. Nothing fancy, but alright for a pub burger. I think the chef might have changed there. I remember them being better. And the other two enjoyed their grub. But Sarah... well... 

... Sarah's vege burger tasted like re-fried cat vomit. At first, I thought she was definitely exaggerating, but we all tried a bite (hence half of it missing...) and agreed. I had a fox throw up outside my front door just before Christmas. This burger tasted how that smelt. Bleurgh! I think this is the first time there's really been much negative to talk about with dining experiences about town, and I don't really like doing it. Especially as I usually really like this pub... but when we told the waitress the burger hadn't been great, she responded with a "oh, you should have said earlier," before walking away. So. There. I've said it. 

But back on the plus side :o) It was still fun chilling with a few drinks, and enjoying some good quality people watching from upstairs as everybody went about their business in the blowing winds outside.

Tummies full, we headed to the hotel, where Mission Belle of the Ball commenced. A little bit of primping, curling, and powdering later...

Doesn't she look lovely? :o)

Well, you can take a girl away from the brewery...

Aren't parties fun. I'm going to have to get some plans in the diary so that I can brush off the dust from my own frocks! :o)

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