Saturday, 22 March 2014

M2 and The Crabtree

"Hello, Darling".
"Hi, M2! How's it going?"
"I'm good thank you, how are you?"
"I'm good, thanks. Do you fancy doing something soon?"
"Well, now that you mention it..."

That's pretty much how the conversation went that led me and M2 to The Crabtree for their gourmet burger night during the week, a few days ago. Woahhhh.... hold up. What do you mean, what's M2? Do you not have one...?! Oh. Well. M2 is, quite simply... Mum 2. Yep, I thoroughly recommend getting one if you don't have one already (you can't have mine though...) My M2 has been part of our family for years. When I was little, she taught me to tie my shoelaces, how to snap my chewing gum, and to this day, still imparts her wisdom (and singing!) on mine and Sarah's readily listening ears. We are two lucky girls to have her in addition to our own lovely mum.

But I digress. To The Crabtree! The Crabtree is a family run public house, a country drive away, in Lower Beeding, Horsham, that serves some mighty delicious food, in a gorgeous building. The outside is pale mint green and has a lovely looking garden area, which we are going to need to take advantage of in summer! The inside is full of small, cosy, separated rooms with wooden beams and exposed red brick.

After a couple of drinks in the bar area, we were shown to our seats. After a cursory browse of the menu, both M2 and I quickly decided on the dry aged beef burger, with mature Sussex cheddar, sweet tomato chutney, and battered onion rings. I also meekly asked ("if, um, please, would it be possible if, um..?") if I could possibly have some of their crispy pancetta on top of mine. Which the super friendly staff were only too happy to accommodate. YAY. We chatted, agreed that everybody should live by the DLTBGYD acronym (Google it...), and enjoyed the delicious food. The burger was fresh, and natural tasting. I usually prefer more seasoning in my food, but it was really tasty, and the red cabbage slaw set it off perfectly.

Dessert was an easy choice for me. The Cold Chocolate Fondant with salt caramel sauce and hazelnut praline practically chose ME. And M2 went for the Poached Sussex Rhubarb, with rhubarb jelly, creme patisiere, broken biscuits, rhubarb sorbet, and honeycomb. LOOK AT THEM....

Delicious. The Crabtree was just lovely. I can't wait to go back when it's daylight and we can enjoy a long, leisurely roast dinner outside in the sun. If you'd like to too, click here for enquiries and bookings.

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