Tuesday, 9 September 2014


I've finally caught up with some holiday pics! Which means that another one of my catch up posts comes aaaall the way from the end of July, when me and my besties Laura, Jess and Ces set sail for the glorious Juan-les-Pins. 

Juan-les-Pins (so much fun to say...) on the Côte d'Azur is situated to the west of the town of Antibes, and boasts some lovely little beaches, lively bars, and plenty of restaurants. The town has an almost homely feel to it - it was easy imagining living there, speaking French all day,  and just casually nipping down to the beach in the evenings during the week to soak up the delicious sunshine... ahhh. 

It was such a relaxing, effortless holiday, I almost forgot to take my usual 1,000 photos a day! I managed a few though of course, and quite a lot in Monaco, where we went for the day... but they'll have to be for another time.

Just look at the colour of that water!

I love France... just... love it.

And look at these lovely three! :o)

You "Juan'a" take me back to those sandy shores please? ;o) (I'm sure I'm missing some kind of "pin" here...)

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