Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Full Monte Carlo

During our holiday in Juan-les-Pins, Jess, Ces, Laura and I couldn't pass up the chance of getting our Bond on and taking a day trip to Monte Carlo in Monaco. We hopped on le train and were there within an hour! The area was dripping with wealth (and humidity...) full of yachts, Ferraris purring along the streets, and there was of course the famous Monte Carlo Casino (which features in a couple of Bond films!)

I think we were all in agreement that we could probably get used to this...

We happened across the most beautiful little Japanese Garden near the beach - it felt almost surreal in the middle of the vast buildings surrounding us, but was it was lovely and peaceful wandering about (and fun jumping from rock to rock across the ponds! :o))

Wedges probably weren't the ideal footwear for the day...

After the most delicious, fresh seafood salads and as much sun as we could possibly stand, we headed home full and sleepy. 

What a lovely day!

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