Monday, 23 June 2014

Bulgaria, Sunny Beach

The other week, I nipped over to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria with Justine, Ellie and Lauren for a glorious seven days in the sunshine. How. Ironic. Yes, there was a beach. But for five out of the seven days there was nothing but overcast skies and rain. It was so bad that it was funny! We holed ourselves up playing card games (we are now quite the experts at Gin Rummy and Sevens), and laughed until our stomachs hurt. At least we had some delicious average awful food to see us through the rainy days: chicken meat, pork meat, plain spaghetti, and fish nuggets in the shape of dolphins. Brilliant. I think it says a heck of a lot about the girls I was with the fact that we all agreed we had a great time anyway! We all came back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and planning our next holiday together already. To somewhere with guaranteed heat waves. In the middle of summer. Preferably. 

I managed to get a few photos I was pleased with, but it wasn't the prettiest of places, and some of the photos were taken with my phone. Still, here they are! Prepare for some serious holiday envy...

Right on trend in Sunny Beach...

Our glorious banqueting hall... :o)

Pretty in pastels.

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