Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Tora's Birthweek. Cakes and Cocktails

Part two of Tora's birthday saw us heading to the Hotel du Vin for a delightful alfresco afternoon tea! It was a lovely day - the sun happily graced us with his presence for most of it, the cakes were plentiful, and we later moved on to The Twisted Lemon to wash down the sandwiches and baked goods with some more cocktails. Again outside, in their little rickety courtyard. It seemed to be the theme of the day - outside. It would have been criminal to coop ourselves up on such a lovely Saturday anyway, but also, do you ever feel like things just taste better outside? Why is that?! I've all of a sudden got a craving for a BBQ...

But anyway! Back to the afternoon tea. We got three massive cake stands on our table, all heaving under the weight of the goodies piled on top - macaroons, Madeleines, and scones, oh my!

This is Alex, Tora's boyfriend, and Sally.

And Ellie too, of course, who I believe has also very recently celebrated her birthday - happy birthday Ellie! 

This picture sums up Tora very nicely, I think - camera in one hand, espresso martini in the other. I can't think why we're friends, really. Nothing in common.

Sally's cocktail was actually on fire - I didn't manage to quite capture it in the photo I don't think, but look how colourful!

The day ended with us watching the sun go down at The Level, and joined by a few more friends! (both human and canine...)

What a great day. Good company, good food and drink, and a spot of sun worshipping - it's what all weekends should be made of! :o)

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