Wednesday, 11 June 2014


The other weekend, I jumped on a train and went to visit some of my pals in Hitchin. Hitchin is a market town in Hertfordshire, which I'd never heard of before two separate sets of friends set up camp there! Apparently it won 9th place in a poll last year though for best town to live in the UK, so I'll forgive them for deserting me... :o) Anyhow, it's nice to get out of the city sometimes, and not only was I getting a change of scenery for the weekend, but also the perfect excuse to practice my baby photography! 

My first stop off was at Emma and Matt's, whose lovely new home I had not yet seen, and whose gorgeous baby Freddie I had not yet taken hundreds of photos of! I'd had a little browse online at some baby photography before my visit, and I think for me it has to be all about the big eyes, tiny hands, and tiny feet. And of course capturing the huge smiles and giggles! Freddie has to be one of the happiest babies I have ever met - and full credit to his incredible parents for that. Have you ever heard of baby sign language before? Well, that exists, and Freddie's learning it!

Just look at his little face...

And here are those little feet! Too cute. I think the photo below is one of my favourites.

It was such a lovely evening (and morning!) with our little photo shoot, but after lots of coo-ing and drawn out goodbyes (with promises of a trip to Brighton soon, Matt and Emma... ahem... :o)) it was time to bid farewell and meet one of my bestest friends from uni for a delicious lunch, and long overdue catch up! So we stuffed our faces with some hearty pasta at an Italian in town, before heading out in the evening for cocktails... and much more catching up. And what kind of weekend would it have been without an afternoon tea?! The next day, we decided to create our own, and enjoyed our feast for two at Steph's house.

What a great trip! :o)

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