Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Mini Cooper Adventure!

Last weekend was one of those ones that you look back on and think "ahhhh" - full of family, sun, and a trip to the beach. Perfect. Sometimes I wish I could just rewind time. Even the drive there was fun, in M2's new car - Mum, Sarah and I piled in, and we headed off for a mini (Cooper) adventure, which included an alfresco fry up at Carats Cafe in Shoreham, and a stroll along the sandy shores.

This was our attempt at a Beatles-esque pose.

After a little paddle, a little climbing, and a frantic scrabble back up the slope of pebbles to the safety of the pavement, we headed back to M2's to spend the rest of the afternoon chilling in her lovely garden with a couple of beers. 

The sun makes me do funny things...

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