Thursday, 22 May 2014

Pois, cafe

I'm happy to report that our last day of Lisbon consisted of some more really delicious food at Pois, cafe. The cafe had just finished setting up its outside seating the day before, so we perched on our thrones and washed down some giant lattes whilst perusing the menu. 

... followed by some mandatory pre-flight drinks.

We were super pleased to find that the service at Pois was really great - our waiter and waitress were both just lovely, and we got all our food and drinks out in good time! The inside of the cafe had a chilled, boho feel to it, and you could kind of tell the staff actually enjoyed working there! Lisbon's saving grace of the dining world :o) The food was delicious - really fresh, and plentiful. We were all craving some vitamins and goodness by this point, so all went for salads - I plumped for the Monte (lettuce, friend bacon, cherry tomato, dried apricot, nuts) with extra goats cheese, and Mum and Sarah went for the Donau (lettuce, beetroot, goats cheese, raisins, horse raddish, and some delicious quince jam). 

After our stroll around the cathedral, lunch, and a couple more beers in the sun, it was time to say goodbye to Lisbon. I think we left with mixed feelings about the place. It mainly smelt of fishy roadworks the whole time we were there, and all seemed a little bit run down. On the plus side, we couldn't complain about the weather, we learnt lots, and it's always nice seeing new places, isn't it? Still, there's no place like home, and as if somebody had heard us, we were treated to a beautiful British sunset from our great vantage point on the way back... :o)

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