Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bluebells and Heaven Farm

I have been a rubbish blogger. I went away on holiday the other week, and I think it was one of those ones that's mainly meant I've just had a weeks' worth of stuff to catch up on afterwards! But, emails now read, work done, friends' birthdays celebrated, and college assignments complete, I can now get back to my photos! :o) There's going to be lots of Lisbon (where I went with Mum and Sarah), but first I wanted to share a post full of woodlands and bluebells! 

I went to Heaven Farm with M2 and her grandchildren just before leaving for my hols, and what a lovely day it was. Heaven Farm is in Uckfield, not too far from Brighton, which was apparently judged as one of England's most beautiful farms in 2008. It was FULL of bluebells. Twilight fan that I am (sorry, Harry... there's room for both of you in my heart, though), I couldn't help but look at some of the clearings and immediately think of The Meadow that Stephanie Meyer describes! Can't you just see Edward and Bella hanging out here...?

And just to keep things shweet with Potter, I snapped this, too - it was just on the drive there, and made me laugh (I image some bigoted wizard creeping about in the dead of night to graffiti public property, spreading his hate for the Muggle community):

So! We started the day with some tractor climbing, before heading off on one of the trails. 

See... The Meadow... 

The Millennium Waterwheel... this was pure spring water trickling through the trails.

Little cuties...

We made some friends, too!

"The Wood That Was" - damage from the storm of '87.

I think I probably look like I'm the one having most fun here...

And what kind of farm would it be if there weren't a few friendly critters to say hello to. We actually saw some wallabies and their little baby joeys, too, but I couldn't get close enough to get a picture.

There were these little critters to say hello to, too: 

We ended the day (and mile and a quarter walk), with fresh, warm scones from the farm's cafe, smothered in jam and cream, and served with nice hot cups of tea. 

If you're feeling like you want to get out of the city this Sunday, I'd recommend this charming little farm. I don't think I've ever seen so many tiny flowers all in one place - so pretty in the sunshine! For more information, click here. Or if you're after the postcode for your GPS, it's: TN22 3RG.

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